Recommended reading: Keith Passant on CfR

Keith Passant, a fly fisherman and gentleman who has been involved in Casting for Recovery for many years, has written an excellent piece on the project for the fishing website "Eat, Sleep, Fish". The piece is extremely informative on our history, strong on the benefits of the programme and hopeful for a bright future for us. Keith's piece begins: "I trust most of you reading this will know of, or have heard of, Casting for Recovery but if not please allow me to introduce us. Casting for Recovery (CfR) is a charity that primarily introduces ladies that have, or have had, breast cancer to fly fishing. So what you may say? Well breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in women. According to Cancer Research UK from over 176,000 cancer cases presenting to doctors by women in 2014 31% were breast cancer patients. That’s 54,560 + women with the disease. Scary thought eh? Thankfully however breast cancer is also one of the most treatable cancers occurring in women. Probably due to the now more widespread awareness of the disease and the encouragement given by the health care services for women to undergo examinations, the disease is normally caught at an early stage. However it’s still a hard situation to deal with for the lady involved and there is only so much that the health care organisations can do. Step forward CfR." Read the piece in full on the Eat, Sleep, Fish website here. (Keith is pictured guiding a lady participant, Gill, at our Kimbridge on the Test retreat in 2011.)