The Team

Jill Grieve

Jill works for The Countryside Alliance Foundation, which administers Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland. She has been involved with the project since it was created by Sue Hunter and Sue Shaw ten years ago. Jill has a background in media relations and communications and is keen to promote CfR as widely as possible in order to welcome many more ladies to our particular brand of therapy. Contact Jill on

Sue Shaw

Sue has been fly fishing for over 30 years and understands the beauty of being by the water and its tranquil settings.  Sue is a qualified fly fishing instructor and has twice been crowned as England Ladies National Champion.  Sue works closely with our volunteer casting instructors to ensure each lady is working at her own pace and level and, crucially, enjoying the retreat.  

Catrin Robinson

Catrin works for The Countryside Alliance Foundation and helps to administer Casting for Recovery and the Foundation's other key project, Fishing 4 Schools. 

Team members vary at each retreat but rest assured that the best in counselling, medical support and fly casting instruction are provided at each venue.

Each member of the team has been associated with Casting for Recovery for a number of years and are committed to providing a wonderful experience for each lady.