Volunteer voices

Caroline (Medical Coordinator) - "My first contact with CFR was as a participant. The week end was wonderful – it was both a life affirming and a healing experience so it felt like a natural step to apply to become a volunteer.  For many of the participants this is the first opportunity they have had to do something for themselves since going through a life changing diagnosis and treatment. It is a privilege to be a volunteer, and to share some of these very important moments with these amazing women."

Hazel (Equipment Coordinator) - "I was a participant in 2008, after my treatment for breast cancer had just finished.  During the retreat I really enjoyed the non-medical atmosphere the team created, with their friendly and caring way of updating the participants on the latest information on breast cancer.  I really enjoyed the distraction of learning a new skill, 'fly fishing'.   I have continued till present my interest and ability in fly fishing. I have volunteered for the past few years to give back the kindness and support to other participants that I received.  It means I will give my best effort to an organisation that has empowered me, encouraged me and supported me in my new interest in fly fishing."

Keith (Fundraiser, Fishing Guide & Logistics) -"I have raised funds for CFR for the last five or six years. I started to do so after my mum was diagnosed with secondary cancer and a friend of mines wife was diagnosed.   Being a fly fisher I was over the moon to find out about CFR from a magazine article and know that I could help women through my sport. I have raised money in any way I can. Raffles, odd jobs and probably the most successful was by tying fishing flies for 24 hours. I have done this three times now and am planning more. It's great to see fly fishing making a difference in the recovery and coming to terms with the effects of cancer. I will continue to do what I can to help."

John (Fishing Guide) - “I have been a volunteer for the last two years, it is quite poignant really as sadly, I lost my wife Maureen to breast cancer.  Living with a partner suffering a terminal illness was very difficult and not being able to put it right is the worst part. For me, somehow, attending the CFR event as a guide,  means I can give a little back to women who are going through different stages of treatment themselves. What struck me was how professional the CFR team were and how welcome they made me feel as a guide but at the same time managed to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere. These events are all about the ladies, seeing them enjoying their day out in an environment which must be totally alien to them, says so much about them, prepared to try fly fishing for the weekend. It’s a fun day out, great company and we all have a laugh, after all that’s what it is all about. For me it is an absolute pleasure to support the CFR team, doing something I enjoy, and the satisfaction of putting a smile on the faces of these brave women who take part. I'm looking forward to volunteering again this year.”

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